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Biometric security news: On 28th October 2016, the 13th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2016 has finally come to an end, the 4-day event is bringing the curtain down. In these 4 days, incessant streams of visitors have come E2 International Hall and W4 Hall for ZKTeco annual security and multi-modal biometric verification technology products. ZKTeco hereby thank you for coming with our deepest sincerity.

Biometric security

In the event, ZKTeco proudly has presented our theme ″Hybrid Biometric Technology – A New Era of Visitor, Car and Freight Management″, and has displayed various new products with the perfect integration of hybrid biometric verification technology and Internet, big data. In E2, ZKTeco′s visitor management, car entrance management, security inspection, access control, video surveillance, smart locks, TimeCube, Fufu HR Cloud Platform, EcoCube, Biofrontliner etc. management platforms and solutions have attracted a large number of visitors and have gained positive comments.

Biometric security

In W4, ZKTeco has displayed ″fingerprint + finger vein″, ″face + iris″, ″face + palm″, touchless 3D fingerprint collection, multi-modal palm verification etc. multi-modal hybrid biometric verification technology, ″fingerprint + card & face″, mass storage fingerprint matching etc. hybrid biometric verification identity authentication terminal and solutions, which has caught eyeballs and been under spotlights.

Biometric security

The 13th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security 2016 though has ended, ZKTeco′s steps of innovation and deep effort never will. We are very grateful to have your recognition and supports, in the future ZKteco will keep bringing surprises and break-through. ZKTeco sincerely hereby sincerely invite every elite in the industry to cooperate and build the new era of hybrid biometric verification smart security.

Biometric security

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