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ZKTeco CO., LTD. Beijing Security China 2016 Live News.

Security Hong Kong: On 27th October 2016, the 3rd day of the 13th China International Exhibition on Public Safety and Security, after live news and security inspection news have been released, today ZKTeco CO.,LTD. is introducing to you our highlights of security products.

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As the leading enterprise of hybrid biometric verification technology, with more than 20 year experience of product development, excellent product and service quality, ZKTeco has been selected and awarded as China Security Top 10 National Brands for consecutive years. With the construction and development of Safe China and Smart City, ZKTeco is striving for technology, engineering and product innovation, and to build professional hybrid biometric verification products, solutions and services of hybrid biometric verification technology, industrialization, industry application and customization.

security hong kong

ZKTeco Security Products are an indispensable branch line of various industry lines of ZKTeco CO.,LTD. It includes time attendance, access control, visitor management, patrol, elevator control, payment, visitor entrance, and car park system etc. series. Entrance management products and smart car park management system are the main features. ZKTeco CO.,LTD. visitor entrance system consists of visitor entrance barrier, identity verification terminals and ZKTeco own-developed management software, it flexibly supports various identity verification terminals of fingerprint, face, finger vein, RFID card etc., and could be widely applied to turnstiles, flap barriers, swing barriers etc. On Car number plate verification system, ZKTeco Smart Car Park Management System initiates temporary offline toll function of number plate verification system, toll function becomes unaffected by operation status of computers and servers, which ensures normal operation of the system under different emergencies, and achieve real smart car parking and is able to form one-stop hybrid biometric verification security management platform with other sub-system networks.

security hong kong

Biofrontliner one-stop security management platform, as the core of ZKTeco security products, has been catching attentions in the event. The platform is equipped with open module management, and integrates visitor management, car entrance management and freight management, and covers video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, building inter-communication, enterprise ERP etc. systems. With docking platform, it is able to achieve data collection and exchange with other sub-system networks, link plan management and integrate monitoring management business, build spatialized, visualized and decision-verifiable dynamic resource database with ″person, object, location, event and organization″ as elements, and achieve ″concentration & Dispersion″ large-scale full-system smart security management. Personalized platform design allows each sub-system network to form single module, flexible configuration and free selection between sub-modules and public business modules thus has been achieved, users may select applied modules according to their own needs. The platform is widely and in-depth applicable to government, enterprise, prison, academy, community and building etc. fields.

security hong kong

With the rapid advancement of social development, ZKTeco is staying tight with the pace of time, willing to explore, actively innovate and strive forward with partners, and devote to the future of security industry.

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