Armatura | Innovative Biometric and Access control Solutions for Total Security


Armatura’s Vision

Armatura was founded with the idea of helping create a safer and more trustworthy world by ensuring the identity of everyone we’re connected with. We believe biometric technology will be the key to recognising people by their body’s own biometric data; it is always the most logical and effective way. With the help of Moore’s law, the computer processing power doubles every two years, along with different evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence and deep learning. Since smartphones started with fingerprint sensors, biometric technology has become applicable in our everyday lives a decade ago. Hence, promoting high-tech biometric technology to the globe will always be Armatura’s vision, helping its partners break through the barriers that only mega-size or high-tech companies can provide solutions with biometric authentication.

About Armatura

Armatura is a global biometric technology-oriented company founded in the “The Silicon Valley of the South” (Atlanta, GA, USA), providing all-rounded Identity & Access Management (IAM) end-to-end solutions inspired by A.I. enhanced biometric technology to the broad spectrum of customers, including, system integrator, security company, government sector, multi-national enterprise, etc. To ensure all the Armatura products’ quality, all Armatura’s products are designed in the U.S. and manufactured by its self-owned factory in Thailand. Instead of adopting the regular business strategies, Armatura offers end-to-end solutions in different application scenes to maximize its partner’s utilities and aligned 2 solution lines:

1. Biometric Integration
2. A.I. Enhanced Security Solution