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Security Software Download

Please click on the linkage below to download the security software.

security software download

ZKBioSecurity 3.2.0security software

SZKBioSecurity3.0 is the ultimate “All in One” web based security platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains four integrated modules: access control, video linkage, elevator control and visitor management. With an optimized system architecture designed for high level biometric identification and a modern-user friendly UI, ZKBioSecurity 3.0 provides the most advanced solution for a whole new user experience.



security software download

ZKBioAccess 1.1.1security software

ZKBio Access is a slim version of a web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco which is designed to focus on access control. Its reliable access control module for up to 10 doors comes along with a user-friendly interface design and simplied system architecture to ensure better access control management experience.

security software download

ZKTime Web 2.0security software

ZKTime Web 2.0 is a cutting edge Web-based Time Attendance software, which provided a stable communication for devices through GPRS/WAN, hence, users can access to the software anywhere by their Web Browser to remotely manage hundreds of T&A terminals under complex network condition (WLAN). A new launched Automatic Synchronization function, data will be automatically synchronized between devices and sever among the same “Area”. Under its brand new user friendly UI, managing Timetable, Shift, Schedule and generating Attendance Report are no longer challenges.

security software download

ZKTime.Net 3.0security software

ZKTime.Net V3.0 is a new generation time attendance management software. Meanwhile, it integrates with time attendance and access control system. Some frequently used functions such as attendance reports, device management and employee management can be managed directly on the home page which providing excellent user experience. Owing to the Pay code function, it can generate both time attendance records and corresponding payroll in the software and easy to merge with the most ERP and Payroll software, which can rapidly upgrade your working efficiency. The brand new flat GUI design and humanized structure will make your daily management more pleasant and convenient.