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ZKTeco Annual Magazine 2017security software

With the coming of the new technologies like IoT, Big Data and AI, and the increasingly closer footsteps of the 5G Era, smart city has been a digital platform promoting social harmony, convenience, safety and efficiency. To provide a comprehensive and advanced security solution is out mission. Through Annual Magazine, you can find what is our target, our advanced technologies and highlights in this year.

Elevator Management Solutionsecurity software

ZKTeco elevator control allows different user to access floors, it can be assigned with different floor access rights, and unauthorized users are not allowed to access those important floors. In the actual implementation, users have to present card on the elevator, and the elevator will allow user to reach to the assigned level. This will enable the security management of the whole building elevator access control using the elevator controller installed on each elevator car. The elevator operations can also be limited by timeslots and controlled by global interlock, and other methods. 

Hotel Management Solutionsecurity software

ZKBioSecurity Hotel Management System is specially designed to meet the needs of small-medium hotels, maximum security, individual style and low operation costs. It allows for
comprehensive access control and system management, but offers you an easy “one-click” installation. Obviously, ZKBioSecurity is able to simplify and strengthen your hotel management!

security softwareCar Park Management Solution

ZWith the rapid development of the global economy and the consistently improving living standard, there has been a growing number of vehicles. For effecient vehicle management, there has been an increasing number of parking lots and vehicle management areas beginning to use License Plate Recognition (LPR) products and Ultra-high Frequency (UHF) products. The recognition rate of LPR and UHF can reach over 99%. With no credit cards required, the automatic license plate identification enables fast vehicle access to parking, which provides convenient user experience.

Smart Door Lock Management Solutionsecurity software

Forget to bring keys is definitely troublesome for everyone. As an expert of security solutions, ZKTeco would like to help solving this problem. With ZKTeco smart lock and dedicated mobile APP, you are able to manage your locks in a more convenient and secure way!