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access control management

SICUR 2016, Southern Europe′s largest international security trade fair, closed its doors on its latest edition on the 26th of February. During the events′ four days, more than 1100 professionals from 76 different countries around the world visited our stand, where ZKTeco launched and showcased its latest security solutions to security companies, integrators, installers and end-users.

ZKTeco managed to bring together many of its European partners with HQ engineers and the directives of all of ZKTeco′s global branch offices, creating a dynamic environment for the sharing of ideas, experiences and opinions. It was the perfect opportunity to turn the show into a Global Business Networking Event.

But first and foremost, SICUR 2016 allowed visitors to explore the latest products and solutions that ZKTeco will be offering the Security Industry in 2016.

access control managementAccess Control

Presenting ZKTeco′s new solutions for Access Control Management. From standalone indoor/outdoor terminals to multi-door systems and management software, visitors were able to test with real-time installations how ZKTeco can provide all the necessary tools for each project.

access control managementNew GREEN LABEL Exclusive Line

Probably the main attraction of this SICUR 2016, ZKTeco′s new exclusive product line, Green Label.

All visitors who came up to our standwere witness of the Global Launch of this new premium line.

Green Label devices′ main characteristics are a unified branding design,secure and stable PUSH HTTPS communication protocol and the most complete verification methods variety. All this, with strict global distribution policies, promise to redefine ZKTeco′s market presence on a global scale.

access control managementHigh Definition Facial Identification

One of the most successful solutions for visitors was ZKBioAccess, ZKTeco′s new Facial Recognition Access Control system powered by Herta Security, world leader in the development of cutting edge facial recognition solutions.


access control managementTurnstiles & Barriers

ZKTeco received hundreds of visitors interested in new Entrance Control solutions, and the general feedback was one of great interest and surprise, due to the wide variety of integrate verification methods ZKTeco can offer and the robustness of all of the turnstile range′s mechanisms.

In particular, the launch of ZKTeco′s new swing and flap barriers were a bit with many of our most specialized visitors.

access control managementCooperation Projects

ZKTeco strives to grow in the global market through integration solutions between its own and other companies′ products. With this objective, ZKTeco launched its latest integration projects at SICUR 2016, such as the Lenel Access Control system and the new SAP registered Biometric Android T&A solution.

All of ZKTeco′s branch office directives and product managers made sure to be present and participate first hand in ZKTeco Europe′s biggest Business Networking Event in its six years history.

In the name of ZKTeco′s entire team worldwide, Thank You!


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