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ZKAccess OP-200 Pass Lenel Certification

ZKAccess has teamed up with several industry leaders, including Lenel, AMAG, RS2, and Schneider-Electric to provide advanced integrated biometric solutions. The cooperation is undeniably proving the power of technology partnership.

Fingerprint reader model OP-200 is an outcome of the alliance. What differentiates OP-200 from other biometric readers is that it directly interfaces with the OnGuard® access control system without needing any middleware. By eliminating middleware, both Lenel installers and end users enjoy the benefit of fast, simple and affordable biometric upgrades to their building security. Other than installing a small software driver which establishes direct communication between OP-200 Master reader and OnGuard® using data conduit, there is no need to purchase, install or configure any middleware, whatsoever.

zkaccess″ZKAccess has completed required factory testing at Lenel to validate the functionality of its interface to OnGuard® versions 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2. The ZKAccess model OP-200 fingerprint reader allows Lenel end users to easily and economically add and manage fingerprint readers to their network″, says Zach Roth, OAAP product management, Lenel. ″Adding integrated biometric readers to Lenel customers′ networks helps further improve their building security while also providing employees the convenience of no longer needing to carry badges or memorize PIN codes to gain door access″, he adds. ″We look forward to ZKAccess′ continued involvement in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program″.

Noted by ZKAccess CEO Larry Reed, ″Unlike our competitors who need to develop and sell expensive supporting middleware, our affordable biometric readers communicated directly to OnGuard® without needing any middleware whatsoever. This translates into tremendous cost saving in both material and labor for Lenel installers and end users″. Noted by Manish Dalal, COO and Product Manager, ZKAccess, ″OP-200 is just one model in our new Opera series of biometric readers designed to integrate with OnGuard®″.

ZKAccess is a division of ZKTeco, based in in Fairfield, NJ. ZKAccess is a leading provider of fingerprint, face, finger-vein and RFID solutions. Product offerings also include Near & Far-Range Facial Recognition Cameras, Elevator/floor access controllers, License Plate Recognition (LPR) Gate Controllers, Turnstiles and Consumer products including fingerprint-based battery-operated Biometric Door Locks. Its solutions are multi-lingual and localized in over 18 different languages. ZKAccess designs specialized products for specific markets and provides local support to all its customers.  ZKAccess is synonymous with technical innovation, quality, speed-to-market and reliability.

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