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Specific Features


It refers to the features of the node points of a fingerprint. These node points with some kinds of specific features are named feature points. Two
fingerprints could often have the same general feature, but it is impossible to have the completely same specific features – feature points. A fingerprint line pattern is not consequential, smooth and straight, but is often interrupted, braided or folded. These breaking points segregation points and turning points are named “feature points”. These feature points provide the only confirmed information of fingerprint. The node points include the below 4 characteristics:

1. Types of feature points

Feature Point

Generally ending points and segregation points.

2. Orientation


Node points may point towards the same direction.

3. Curvature

Curve Rate

The speed of the change of the direction of a fingerprint line pattern.

4. Location


The location of node points may be described by (x, y) coordinates, it may be an absolute rate or relative to the triradial point or feature point.

Obviously, based on different digital algorithm, there are no possibilities of different 3rd parties to obtain user identities reversely.
ZKTeco offers own intelligent property rights based algorithms, in the meantime our templates are privately owned, ZKTeco never releases algorithms and template formats to any 3rd party, the reliability of ZKTeco algorithms is based on our 20-year algorithm development experience and the database with integration of up to 10 million fingerprint images, in every year up to a million time & attendance and access control devices have presented our international standard quality of matching passing rate, matching consistency and algorithm preciseness.

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