ZKTeco Ranked 13 in the Top 50 Global Security Brands 2021 by a&s Magazine

ZKTeco, a globally leading product and solution provider in biometric verification technologies, has been selected by a&s Magazine as one of the “Top 50 Global Security Brands 2021”, and is honoured by being selected as the “Top 6 in Multiple Product Group” by pioneering at offering top-notch security products and solutions.

A&S award

ZKTeco has the honour to be listed in the “Top 50 Global Security Brands” as one of the most prominent providers in the security industry. ZKTeco is also selected and ranked 13 in the Top 50 Global Security Brands and Top 6 in Multiple Product Group by a&s Magazine, which is such a renowned voice in the industry.” We want to thank the organizer to award us in the past difficult year, 2021 has been a challenging year to the entire world, as every industry is facing a hard moment with the globally spread pandemic, downslide of global economy, chaos of global logistics, shortage of chips, and every other problem that make enterprises’ business operation very difficult. Yet, we are so grateful to have good workmates who have been standing so firmly and making good efforts in 2021, we have released a series of systems for temperature detection and health protection, which have stabilized our company’s development, and given us a chance to contribute to the world in fighting against the pandemic.” said Swift Ng, General Manager of ZKTeco Global Business Group.With 20 years’ experience and recognitions from more than 500 partners globally, ZKTeco has developed deep expertise of biometric verification technologies including fingerprint, face, iris, and finger vein verifications etc., and perfectly apply to security systems, and can deploy the combination of hardware, software, and solutions that best meets their needs.

A&S award

A&S award

ZKTeco offers much more than devices, but development tools and services for every stage of the solutions, and provides anything that partners need to complete their security solutions. ZKTeco is always aware of the upcoming changes ahead of us, seeing the trends of intelligence and cloud technologies, we are releasing cloud systems and solution developed independently, and a series of products and services, including IoT smart devices, edge computing, SaaS ecosystem, hybrid cloud connector, and ZKTeco Cloud Business. ZKTeco has also developed various global storage centres, and multi-dimensional automated services for business data, they together bring our partners a new form “ZKTeco Cloud Business” cooperation form. With flexibility, knowledge, and design and production capabilities, ZKTeco is able to meet any requirements.

a&s Magazine is a renowned comprehensive security industry platform that provides security news, products, supplier information and security industry solutions, including technology exploration, vertical markets and expert viewpoints. For 18 years a&s Security 50 has been consecutively ranking the top 50 companies in the entire security industry, which have the highest product sales revenue in the world. The ranking aims to demonstrate the dynamics of the security industry throughout diverse market variables. The selected companies are regarded as the industry leaders that beat the market and world economy by addressing core solution needs.

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For details of a&s Top 50 Global Security Brands 2021, please refer to: https://www.asmag.com/rankings/security50_rankings.aspx

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