Public Facilities Security Solution : Enhance Security Level in Public Facilities

Case Studies 10 – Public Facilities

Public Facilities

Case Study 2

Public Facilities Access Control & Elevator Control System


Project Description

Project site: Qingdao Southern District Court

Established in August 1955, Qingdao Southern District Court is the political, economic, cultural and foreign communication center of Qingdao. Qingdao Southern District Court has set up diversified departments such as criminal, juvenile, civil, administrative and governance bureau. The number of annual judged and executed cases is around 10,000. In order to effectively carry out future work, the all-in-one card system is required to manage daily affairs and some insecurity factors, and provide convenient services for enterprises. The system needs to facilitate the work development in an orderly fashion, from dining, to access control management, and to visitor management, effectively minimizing the management work difficulties.

The ZKBioSecurity is adopted, which integrates five management modules, time attendance, access control, visitor management, elevator control, and video. The time attendance, access control, visitor, and elevator control modules read physical card numbers of identity cards.

Project Requirements

• Face recognition-based time attendance device for recording attendance
• Entrance permission management and access control management for visitors
• Video surveillance system linkage with access control surrounding the court
End User: Qingdao Southern District Court


SystemDevice NameDevice Model
Access control systemAccess Control panelInBio Pro 160 control panel with metal casing
Elevator control systemElevator Control panelEC-10 control panel with metal casing
Elevator Extension BoardEX16
RS485 Fingerprint Reader with Card ModuleFR1200

Schematic Diagram