Public Facilities Security Solution : Enhance Security Level in Public Facilities

Case Studies 10 – Public Facilities

Public Facilities

Security Solution : Enhance Security Level in Public Facilities

Security becomes an even greater issue when it comes to being public, especially with today’s day by day increasingly concern on public safety. Public facilities managers are facing large numbers of new visitors every day which cause heavy burden on access control, and the user privileges setting has become complicated. Verification on staffs’ identity has also been crucial to make sure the safety is kept inside out. It also needs to be confirmed that public servants are fulfilling their duties in patrol to guarantee security in public assets. A more efficient access control and time & attendance solution are required to meet higher public expectations on the safety in public facilities.


ZKTeco offers highly reliable access control and time attendance solution satisfying the management of public facilities. Multi-biometric identity verification methods provides comprehensive security protection. Having integrated with tripod turnstiles with dual access, both the efficiency and safety level are significantly uplifted. Mifare card, which is eligible to store data and user privileges inside, can be read by devices, prevents leak-outs of personal privacy, and can be easily modified by administrators, bringing a faster and more efficient way of visitor registration and modification. Guard patrol terminal provides excellent solution to ensure resources are used properly. With fingerprint authentication function, it records exactly who, when and where the staffs reach certain points on patrol tours, which ensures all duties are properly fulfilled.


  • Large visitors flow
  • High expectations on public safety from public
  • Verification of public servants’ identity
  • User privilege setting of public facilities
  • Difficulties in adding and deleting identities of a large number of new visitors
  • Difficulties in verifying staffs’ fulfillment of patrol duties


  • More efficient access control solution
  • Reliable identity verification system
  • Faster and easier visitor registration and modification method
  • Flexible method of setting user privileges of using facilities
  • Ensuring staffs’ actual fulfillment of patrol duties

Case Study 1 

Access Control Solution in Camping Sites

Public Facilities

Project Description

  • Name: A tourism company
  • Country: Germany
  • Product Used: SC503
  • Case Description

A tourism company in Germany wants to control access for customers who can use the washroom at a camping site. The company faces a few difficulties that only ZK can help solve. Firstly, the geographical location is in an outdoor mountainous area, with no Ethernet, and with no capacity to connect terminal to software. Secondly, high customer turnover, which makes it unsafe for the use of standard key locks. Thirdly, registering users on the device is nonviable.

ZKTeco installed the SC503 at the washroom exterior door. When customers arrive, they will receive a Mifare card with registered with washroom privileges, which will then provide them access to these facilities. The Mifare card is preregistered in the software.All the data and user privilege is stored inside the card and can be read by the SC503 installed at the door. When the customer leaves, admin can delete the privilege of the card on the software. Therefore the admin does not need to register users on the device one by one. They can manage the access of the public facilities by giving the pre-registered card to the authorized person. No risk to change locks, and no trouble of frequently registering. This solution can be used in outdoor environments or any similar applications that do not have Ethernet.