Residential Security Solution : Do You Really Know Who is Home?

Case Studies 8 – Residential

Residential security

Residential Security Solution : Do You Really Know Who is Home?

High-end and mid-market residential customers are demanding greater access control security for their homes. This is accomplished with both central station web-based, real- time authorization, as well as less burdensome pre-planned biometric access for family members, contractors, nannies and regular known visitors. Biometric access at both gate entry and home perimeter openings ensures validated access during authorized time periods. Inside these homes, high value areas such as, wine cellars, collectibles, high value assets, garages, and securing firearms require special attention and can benefit from biometric access control systems. Video surveillance systems provide additional security and a searchable audit trail should a crime occur on the property. IP megapixel video provides high quality video and cost effective pricing.


Biometric access controls in either stand-alone or networked system configurations provide peace of mind that the right person has access to your home at the right time, and at the right place. ZKTeco provides a wide variety of options to protect validated access to your most precious assets: children,family members, domestic staff, collectibles, safe rooms, firearms or out buildings. The TF1700 waterproof biometric/card/PIN reader with the assistance of intercom system is a good example of rugged, reliable and practical solutions ZKTeco provides to residential customers.


• Product choices
• Variety of home construction styles and materials
• Aesthetic pleasing security hardware
• Increases in home invasion and day time intrusions
• Cost effective quality security products
• Weatherproof access control readers for outdoor installations


• Simple operation and enrollment processes
• Stand-alone or system-based choices
• Low cost and high quality equipment
• Ease of use and reliability
• Flexible hardware options
• Simple event storage and retrieval

Case Study 1 

Security Control Solution for Rental Houses and Floating Population

Residential security

Project Description:

  • Project: 0.95 million floating population area in Xiamen, China.
  • Product Used:
  • Hardware: iface terminal, inBio System, ZKTeco IPC
    Software: ZKAccess 6.0 (Specially customized for Village Server) and Third Party Software (Policy System)

Case Description:
In economically developed areas, a large number of migrant workers flow in and this puts pressures on urban management. Effective monitoring for housing rental could promote the overall management of the population.

To comply with the requirements of Ministry of Public Security of China, ZKTeco developed an effective management system that’s integrated with access control and video surveillance. This system uses a centralized platform to register personal information such as ID, biometric fingerprint data and photos. The system requires a fingerprint or ID card in order to access the rental house. In addition, a linkage with the camera would be triggered to record videos and capture photos whenever a person passes by; access events are then followed by a system back up. The system monitors passengers’ access in real-time, which is also integrated with the police system for investigation, therefore promotes the overall management of the floating population.

Workflow :

1. Data Collection: iface terminal collects data and pushes it automatically to Server (FP, Card, ID, Photo, Phone Number).
2. Data Distribution: Village Server distributes all information to corresponding Inbio system.
3. Verification: inBio system verifies FP to open door and trigger IPC to take photo.
4. InBio system pushes result to Village Server and stored there.
5. Village Server transmits data to Police Server.

Positive Feedback:
1. Thievery and robbery decreased a lot.
2. Suspect turned himself in with nowhere to hide.
3. Xiamen Policy Station thanked ZKTeco for solving their big problem.
4. Xiamen Newspaper & Television  introduced ZKTeco solution with high appreciation.
5. Solution is being widely applied in other provinces.

Residential security