Hospitality Security Solution : Protecting Your Business Brand is Always Job #1

Case Studies 7 – Hospitality

hospitality security

Hospitality Security Solution : Protecting Your Business Brand is Always Job #1

The hospitality industry covers a broad business segment including lodging, food and drink service, theme parks and transportation, which falls into the service industry classification. The industry is dependent on both free time and disposable income that are often driven by the economy in general. The last 5 years have challenged this business segment to remain profitable. Part-time positions and high employee turnover rates can make the goal of high customer service a challenge to many companies. The cost impact of waste, shrinkage and continual training require management to be innovative as well as disciplined in running their business. In a litigious society, the threat of premises liability or negligent security often keeps owners and managers of hospitality businesses up at night! With instant customer comments available today on your smart phone, the business brand is usually the most valuable asset and the most vulnerable.


ZKTeco provides a cost-effective and manageable solution to tighter inventory controls with high employee turnover at a lower operational cost. Biometric enrollment is fast, has greater integrity, and provides access control and audit trail capabilities for business owners. The ZKTeco Video Surveillance Systems provide an accessible video record of retail events with a wider variety of cameras and accessories using high quality IP megapixel video cameras at very affordable pricing to give you a complete understanding how much hospitality your business really delivers!


• Effective control of business operations
• Competition for fewer available dollars
• Rising customer expectations
• Delivering customer service at competitive prices
• Managing multiple sites
• High employee turnover rates
• Continual training new employees and managers
• Shrinkage of inventory and food waste impact operational costs


• Best practice policies, procedures and management tools
• Effective loss prevention tools and audit trails to prosecute theft
• High reliability and availability of security tools data
• Cost effective authorized access control processes
• Video surveillance for security and customer service training
• Choices and options of how to best protect customers, profits and their business

Case Study 1 

The Vidgof Business-center and Hotel project

hospitality security

Project Description:

  • Name: Grand Hotel Vidgof
  • Country: Russia
  • Product Used: C3-200, C3-400, KR601M reader
  • Case Description

Grand Hotel Vidgof is one of the most high and modern building in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Five stars Hotel of 139 rooms, business center, restaurants, ultra-modern fitness center, built-in car parking. They need access control and time and attendance management for 1500 workers, 200 hotel guests, and more than 500 visitors every day.

High modern building in the middle of big industrial city, five-stars hotel with outstanding service, one of the best fitness-centers, restaurants and business-center. This combination imposes many requirements to access-control system. The highest security level, due VIP persons and visitors safety and comfort. Time attendance system for own personnel and companies which rents business-center as additional service. Need to divide access to each level of building, exclude public places, not only at floor door, even an elevator unit.

Every access control area is equipped with turnstile or door lock. Access control boards placed in metal case with power supply system and reserve battery. Mifare RFID card readers provide fast card recognition and high security level. Single-card solution for hotel guests, personnel business-center renters and visitors. All access control board connected in special level security network, which is separated from general purpose network, and provides highest safety and reliability. Special solution for elevator safety with cabin and on-level readers prohibits unauthorized usage. Web-based management software can operate fast and get exact reports

hospitality security

hospitality security