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Main Features of combining fingerprint and finger vein technology

Finger Vein Scanners can be diversified mainly into 2 types: Light Reflection and Light Transmission.

Light Reflection
The light source and the image sensor are placed on the same side of the finger, and the image sensor captures the reflected light from the surface of the finger.
Light reflection method is mainly used by ZKTeco.

Light Transmission
The finger is placed between the image sensor and the light source, and the near-infrared light passes through the finger where it is captured by the image sensor.

Matching Process of Finger Vein Image

Matching process
Offers one-stop point-to-point finger vein extraction methods based on in-depth learning method, and extract ridges of finger vein vessels and process the large offsets and rotations of finger position; Matching features of finger veins with complex matching algorithm.

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