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Dr. Anil Jain is an authority on computer science and engineering, whereas ZKTeco is a renowned global brand in providing security solutions. Coincidentally, the similarity in passion for biometrics development have brought them together. On 16th June, when Dr. Jain visited ZK in Shenzhen, the meet up was destined to be a chemical reaction, striking sparkles.Dr. Jain flew half hemisphere to China, ZKers would certainly treasure every chance to learn from him.

During Dr. Jain′s visit, he held a seminar topic as, ″The Future & Application of Biometric Authentication in Next 10 Years″. The speech was very fruitful, covering up from the history, future and challenges of FinTech & Facial Recognition, its industrial applications under the heyday of IOT, to the upcoming trend of Mobile Finance. Biometric authentication industry was said to be benefited from the booming of Internet and IOT adoption.

Dr. Jain′s charisma has enticed an online press to join as well. The journalist conducted an interview about his viewpoint of China′s biometric market. ″The vertical integration practice of R&D, manufacturing, packaging, branding to distribution, is the core competitive advantage of Chinese enterprise″, Dr. Jain concluded.

The conclusion makes the situation crystal clear. As an enterprise privileging of the operational flexibility, ZKers should keep up the competitiveness while searching of excellence in product innovation. Instead of thinking inside the box, ZKers should think in a global perspective so as to catch opportunities.  Inspired by Dr. Jain, the answer of what would ZK be like in next decade is foreseeable.

Anil Jain is a distinguished professor in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at Michigan State University. He was appointed as an Honorary Professor at Tsinghua University and WCU Distinguished Professor at Korea University. His research includes pattern recognition, computer vision and biometric recognition.

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