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Case Studies 4 – Finance


Case Study 3

Access Control and Visitor Management Solution for National-Scale Stock Exchange


Our client is a national-scale stock exchange based in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the end of 2012, the stock exchange had 462 listed companies with a combined market capitalization of $426.78 billion. It has a group of employees of up to 40,000.

End User: Stock Exchange

Project Site: Southeast Asia

Project Requirements:

• The access control system needs to accommodate the large flow of 40,000

employees and 5,000 visitors every day.

• The global access anti-passback needs to be supported.Blacklist and Alarm Functions

• The blacklist is supported and alarms will be generated for blacklisted users.

• The system supports high-speed scanners and Optical Character Recognition

(OCR), and automatically reads the card number.

• The system management software adopts the browser/server architecture.
• The access status needs to be monitored in real time.
• Different reports can be customized and exported.


SoftwareZKBioSecurity45000 users
HardwareInBio 160 pro embed3
InBio 260 pro embed24


Schematic Diagram: