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Case Studies 4 – Finance


Case Study 2

The Largest Bank in Turkey adopts ZKTeco Access Control Solution


To protect important assets, investments, clients’ privacy and confidential information, a highly reliable security protection is indeed needed. You may imagine hiring a group of security guards controlling every access of doors, and giving patrol on every door checkpoint to ensure nothing goes off track. However, to an enterprise with nation-wide scale business operations, it needs and deserves a higher security and efficient solution. With the technology advancement, the market has increasingly high standard of security, and with the advancement, a security solution with biometric verification and all-day surveillance has been far more accessible than ever.

The Largest Bank in Turkey, founded in 1863, has its branches widely established in Turkish metropolis including Ankara and Istanbul. An access control solution is necessary to enhance the security level. ZKTeco was invited to provide an access control solution for the renowned enterprise’s headquarter and all branches. The client needed an access control solution with high preciseness of identity verification and an efficient management of access.

ZKTeco has deployed an access control solution with ZKBioSecurity3.0, which is an all-in-one software including access control, video surveillance, and elevator & visitor modules functions. The software is connected to 180 access controllers for more than 600 doors which are particularly equipped with KR Series card readers, FR1200 fingerprint readers and tripod turnstiles. All access are thus centrally controlled and easily monitored by the software.

Apart from general functions including managing access controllers and setting access rights levels, visitor management and alarm functions are also applied to our client’s system, and they are all able to be centrally managed by the software in a simple and effective way.

The customer has been highly satisfied with our solution and has decided to further deploy our Video Surveillance system and Elevator Control System, which are all compatible with the ZKBioSecurity 3.0 Software. If your enterprise needs a secure and effective access control solution, ZKteco with BioSecurity 3.0 would be your absolute optimal choice.