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University Laboratories in Tokyo Access Control Management

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Project Description

Our client is a top-class university and is renowned of its outstanding academic and research ability in Tokyo Japan. The institute owns 65 laboratories in total with more than 300 research staffs and professionals, which are mainly for high-end scientific research & development and technological innovations.

These laboratories have been partnered and working closely alongside governmental and commercial organizations, thus contain highly confidential information and high-value unreleased experiment data, and may even be related to national safety.

– End User: 65 Laboratories of a Top-class University in Tokyo
– Project Site: Top-class University in Tokyo
– Project Requirements:
Having so much highly confidential information, these laboratories requires extra-high security level of access control. Here are the special requirements:

Different Access Control Authorities for Different Laboratories

As mentioned, there are as many as 65 laboratories the University owns with different purposes, undergoing projects and research, and academic staffs in charge of. Thus, each laboratory requires a specific authority of access with every staff’s access authority customized.

Multi -Biometric Verification

Conventional verification methods including password and card could hardly verify the authenticity of the password or card holders’ identities. Truly reliable verification method of a person’s identity thus become the critical point of the security. Thus it requires a hybrid biometric verification method with double authentication of a person’s identity.

High Verification Speed

The laboratories are accessed by more than 300 staffs in a single day, research and development works need to be processed with high efficiency. Thus, an access control system that has a high speed of verification becomes ultimately crucial.

Internally Sealed Network Management

The research and development work requires an extremely high confidentiality, any leakage of the information and data could cause serious consequences. Thus, an internally sealed network management is important to prevent possible security risks and threats.


SystemDevice NameDevice Model
Access Control Management SystemStandalone Access Control and Time & Attendance Terminal with 4-in-1 Fingerprint, Face Recognition, RFID and Password VerificationsMultiBio700

Software: ZKAccess3.5

Technical Features/Solution

There are 65 laboratories accesses with approximately 300 persons to manage.

Each access is equipped with a MultiBio700 Standalone Terminal.

All staffs are biometrically verified by fingerprint or face recognition methods. Some critical accesses requires both fingerprint and face recognition methods to ensure full security.

Some other critical accesses require 2-person verification. Access is only granted after both staffs have been biometrical verified to prevent fake login.

Security Solution

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