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Case Studies 5 – Retail

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Case Study 2

Big C Supercenter in Thailand Time & Attendance Management



Project Description:

  • Client Name: Big C Supercenter
  • Country:Thailand
  • Product Used: U260-C

Case Description:

Big C Supercenter (Thai: บิ๊กซี ซูเปอร์เซ็นเตอร์) is a renowned grocery and general merchandising retailer headquartered in Bangkok, and is one of the largest hypermarket operator in Thailand. It has business in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. Big C and its subsidiaries operated 697 stores in Thailand as of September 2015. Our client needed a time & attendance system to centrally manage their 200 mini Big C stores in Thailand.

Project Requirements

With a quantity of 200 deployments of time & attendance devices for approximately 1,000 employees, there are some more special needs of our client:

Prevention of fake attendance

To an enterprise with such a large quantity of retail shops and front-end employees, an efficient staff management would be the key to success. Only conventional verification methods including password and card could hardly verify the authenticity of the password or card holders’ identities. Truly reliable verification method of a person’s identity thus become the critical point of efficiency. Thus it requires a hybrid biometric verification method with double authentication of a person’s identity.

Real-time data processing

Due to the large number of workplace and number of attendance, it would not be easy and effective to monitor the attendance in various stores and collect attendance data. Our client requires a truly effective method to obtain real-time attendance records. Thus a system that connects to every attendance device and is able to promptly obtain attendance records is required.

Internally Sealed Network Management

Our client has a high awareness of confidentiality and does not accept any leakage of the information and data. Thus, an internally sealed network management is important to prevent possible security risks and threats.

End User: 200 Mini Big C stores in Thailand


SystemDevice NameDevice Model
Time & Attendance Management SystemStandalone Time & Attendance Terminal with 3-in-1 Fingerprint, RFID and Password VerificationsU260-C

Schematic Diagram



Technical Features/Solution

There are 200 stores with approximately 1,000 employees to manage.

Each store is equipped with a U260-C Time & Attendance Terminal.

All staffs are verified by password and fingerprint methods. This is to ensure that all employees’ identities are precisely verified without possibility of fake attendance.

The U260-C is equipped with ZKTeco’s ADMS function which enables connection between time & attendance devices and the central management system server. U260-C automatically delivers attendance data to ADMS and backup data of the newly registered fingerprint data.

U260-C is a highly customizable device which is easy to extend functions and customize requirements. In this project, a software of our distributor is applied. With simple setting and customization, all attendance real-time data collected by ADMS will be automatically written in the existing system database seamlessly.