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Case Study 3

Security Inspections Management for Checkpoint



Project Description

Project site: Tangxia, Dongguan, China
The police checkpoint is the traffic checkpoint, the checkpoints can quickly and effectively inspect people and dangerous vehicles to protect the safety of persons through intelligent identification systems.
Base on the checkpoint requires efficient inspection and management program, ZKTeco provides a comprehensive solution that include the ID recognition with fingerprint face recognition system, license plate recognition, access control system, and security inspection system and device. And it gets effective application in the daily inspection.

Project Requirements

• License plate recognition system (LPR) can identify the vehicle effectively, simplify the vehicle registration and solve the problem of slow vehicle registration.

• ID card identification system automatically check ID information to prevent human identification errors.

• Metal detection combined package inspection to meet the checkpoint to quickly check the requirements of luggage.

• Method and system for monitoring the status and condition of devices, to ensure the normal operation of the checkpoint.


SoftwareVisitor and AccessZKBioSecurity 3.01
HardwareX-ray MachineZKX5030C1
HardwareWalk Through Metal DetectorZK-D3180S1
HardwareHand Held Metal DetectorZK-D100S3
HardwareVehicle ManagementPB3000+LPRS10001
HardwareEntrance ControlFBL10001
HardwareAccess ControlHB8001

Schematic Diagram



Technical Features

The inspection solution consists of entrance control products, security inspection, video surveillance and LPR system to inspect people and vehicle.

Flap Barrier and HB800 for personnel access and parking barrier for vehicle access are both applied.

Function Description

• LPR technology to achieve quickly vehicle traffic

The LPR system can rapidly identify the vehicle and simplify the registration process.

• ID card recognition function with biometric technology

ID card identification system combined with ZKTeco HB800 can quickly verify the identity of suspicious persons.

• One button release function

In case of emergency, pedestrians can be released directly.

• The comprehensive security system

The X-ray inspection combines with walk through metal detector to provide a more comprehensive inspection range.

• Video surveillance real-time monitoring

It can keep track of the scene status by video surveillance, also through the ZKBioSecurity to manage the equipment.