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Case Studies 6 – Business

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Case Study 2 

Li & Fung Warehouse Access Control Management


Project Description:

  • Customer: Li & Fung Hong Kong
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Product Used : PB2000 Boom Barrier, FP1000/1200 Flap Barrier, Access Control Management System
  • Case Description:

Li & Fung is a renowned mega-size and multinational corporation that manages complex supply chains for brands and retailers around the world. They offer end-to-end supply chain solutions from product design and development, raw material sourcing, factory selection, production management and quality control, to in-country logistics, global freight management and e-logistics. Li & Fung employs about 22,000 people worldwide. It does product design and development, raw materials and factory sourcing and capacity building, vendor compliance and distribution. It has over 250 offices in 40 markets. It works with 15,000 suppliers to service 8,000 customers.

In Hong Kong, Li & Fung owns 5 listed companies and with a total asset of over USD 50 billion. And they chose ZKTeco as their provider of access control solution for their warehouse business in Hong Kong.

Project Requirements:

Fast and Reliable Car Entrance Management System

As one of the major providers of logistics and storage services in Hong Kong, Li & Fung warehouses receive large freight flow daily. Manual access control consumes unnecessary manpower and less efficiency, while general electronic car labels which is generally used in carparks are not able to truly identify the authenticity of vehicles. A fast and reliable car entrance & exit management system thus is critical to ensure proper operation of logistics.

Safety highly prioritized

Safety is also Li & Fung’s main concern regarding the car access control management. Due to the large logistics flow which leads to the busy traffic of warehouses, any strike or crash of car boom barrier with vehicle may, apart from damaging clients’ goods, cause serious jam of car entrance and exit. Li & Fung is a logistics and storage provider with reputation. Thus, a car entrance system which prevents incidents caused by error or malfunctioning of devices and eliminates the possible risks is what Li & Fung requires.

Security and Privacy

Apart from efficiency and safety, security has also been our client’s major requirement. To ensure their clients’ good are prevented from intervention, it should be guaranteed that no irrelevant persons other than warehouse staffs and clients are allowed entry to the warehouses. Thus, a reliable access control system is essential.


SystemDevice NameDevice Model
Access Control Management SystemBoom Barrier

Flap   Barrier


Schematic Diagram



Software: ZKAccess3.5

Technical Features/Solution

• Flap Barriers for personnel access and boom barriers for vehicle access are both applied.
• For personnel access, 10 FB3000 and 5 FB3200 flap barriers have been deployed to form access channels. All staffs are issued with each a personal HID card for swipe access. The access logs are also recorded for time attendance use.
• FB3000 series Flap Barrier provides 2-way traffic function which performs both entrance and exit.
• For vehicles, 2 PB2000 Boom Barriers have been deployed for access control. Boom barriers is controlled by a security guard with remote control.
• All devices are centrally managed by ZKAccess 3.5 software.