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ZKBioSecurity 3.0

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  • ZKBioSecurity
  • ZKBioSecurity
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ZKBioSecurity 3.0



User Manual

Installation Guide

Data Security and Software Usage Instruction

Hardware Suggestion List

Version Change Log


ZKBioSecurity, the “All in One” web security platform developed by ZKTeco has become more powerful than ever. The updated version 3.0.3 features Superb security functions such as HTTPS encrypted communication, doors emergency lockdown, up to 66 bits flexible card format, personnel multi-card support, smart data analysis and the latest add on – the Patrol Module – to efficiently manage security guards patrol tours using the existing access control readers, reducing costs and ensuring patrol tasks.

Fully compatible with the revolutionary Z-ID FBI Certified (PIV07100) – fingerprint sensor and the Green Label Premium Series, the ZKBioSecurity 3.0 platform provides the most advanced multi-biometric identification solution in the industry, taking the user experience to the highest level.

ZKBioSecurity 3.0 Real-time Global Activation List, please click here.

ZKBioSecurity 3.0 Online Demo, please click here.

(User Name: admin; Password: admin)


• All-In-One solution (Access Control, Elevator, Visitor, Patrol, Hotel, T&A(ZKTime.Net3.0) and Video Surveillance). Simple Structure and Smooth Workflow.

• Many Doors Management Capacity (Up to 2,000 doors in Single Server and 8,000 Multi-Server).

• Stable, Fast and Consistent Communication.

• Advanced Access Control Functions.

• Global Anti-Passback and Linkage.

• Video Integration Compatible with Third Party Device.

• Automatic Data Backup.

• Alarms and Events Email Notifications.

• System Log Monitoring System.

• Supports InBio Pro Access Control Panels and Green Label Product Series.

• Card Printing function.

• Supports badge printer, QR code & barcode scanner.

• Supports DNS/DDNS connection.

• Elevator control supports online or online mode.

• Integrated with Arteco Video Software and C2P Video Middleware and connect with Milestone.

• ZKBioSecurity Mobile App.


Technical Specifications

Latest Version3.0.3_R
Previous Version3.0.1.1_R
System ArchitectureServer/Browser
Door Capacity2,000 Single Server / 8,000 Multi-Server (Push Device)
User Capacity30,000
Default DatabasePostgreSQL, SQL Server & Oracle (optional)
Supported OSWindows 7/8/8.1/Server 2008/Server2012(32/64)
Suggested BrowsersIE 11+/Firefox 27+/Chrome 33+

Minimum PC Requirements:

CPUDual core processor with
speeds of 2.4GHz or more
Memory4G or Above
Storage30G Free Space or More.

(NTFS Recommended)

Monitor Resolution1024 * 768 or Above


ZKTeco Hong Kong


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