Security system | ISC West - An Outcome of ZKTeco International Effort

ISC West 2016 – An Outcome of ZKTeco′s International Effort

ISC West 2016 was a huge success for ZKTeco, drawing over 1,000 visitors from all over the world who were anxious to see our latest achievements in security technology.

ISC West (also known as, International Security Conference & Exposition) is North America′s largest physical security exposition.  On display were thousands of vendors showcasing solutions for Access Control, Alarms & Monitoring, Biometrics, IP Security, Video Surveillance / CCTV, Networked Security Products and more.

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Each year at ISC West, the number of visitors at the ZK booth continues to grow.  The growing audience is understandable since ZK consistently outshines our competitors with our technology achievements.  ISC West is also an international effort for ZK.  Exhibiting at the booth were members from our host office ZKAccess USA, also members from ZK Mexico and product development and marketing managers from ZK China/HQ.  The chemistry and synergy amongst our branch offices was amazing to see in action.  From booth set-up prior to the start of the show, to informing & educating customers during the show, and of course booth break-down.  Attached are some photos taken during our show experience.  By the end of the show we were no longer just work colleagues, we were family.  ISC West was an exhausting and tireless effort, yet extremely rewarding. The ZK brand continues to grow and shine in all corners of the world.

The ZK booth included a learning center, 4 product tables/stations, and in the corners of the booth we had entrance control systems on display, including various different turnstiles and gate controllers.  We even had long-range facial recognition on display.

Table 1, the standalone reader corner, showcasing our various integrations with some of the industry′s biggest access control vendors including Lenel, AMAG, Schneider Electric and RS2.  The star of this area no doubt was our latest biometric model OP200.  OP200 is the only biometric reader in the world which directly integrates with Lenel & AMAG software via hardware/firmware.  This means no middleware software is necessary for OP200 to communicate with Lenel & AMAG.  OP200 is the industry′s fastest, easiest least expensive way for Lenel & AMAG customers to upgrade to biometrics. While at the show, several large integrators requested sample OP200s to test in their labs.  OP200 will allow ZK to work with some of the largest enterprise customers in the world.

Table 2 was the C3 door controller area. RFID continues dominating the US & Canadian security market and C3 is the industry′s most cost-effect door controller.  On display beside C3 was our InBio door controller, still remaining the industry′s first and only door controller which can store & match fingerprints.  Customers marveled at Table #2 pondering out loud how ZKT can deliver so much security technology at such affordable prices.  The answer we shared with them is simple.  ZK has the greatest economies of scale derived from the sheer volume of readers we produce each month.  We′re also unique in that we develop all our own technology.  Unlike ZK, most of our competitors are merely software companies who need to purchase 3rd party hardware and then integrate it with their respective software applications.  However, purchasing 3rd party adds to their manufacturing cost, which our competitors then pass on to their customers.  However, ZK is unique in that we manufacturer most everything ourselves.  This allows ZK to contain our manufacturing costs.  While our competitors pass on COST to their customers, ZK passes on SAVINGS to our customers.  That is the ZKTeco difference!  At Table 2 we also introduced our wireless kit for C3 and InBio door controllers which ranges up to one mile (~ 1.6 km).  Wireless door controllers eliminates the need to run network cable between our door controllers which translates into tremendous cost-savings in labor for our customers.

Beside Table 2 we showcased our latest long range facial recognition.  Customers passing by were amazed how accurate and fast-matching our facial recognition is.  There was also much fun and laughter while our software accurately calculated users’ different ages . . . it turned out a little embarrassing for customers lying about their age!  But it was all in good fun and customers were extremely impressed with our facial recognition technology.

Table 3 showcased our traditional standalone readers in addition to our new Green Label (GL) Series.  Customers were excited to hear about the inclusion of our superior SilkID fingerprint sensor and Push technology in GL models.  But what especially excited customers about GL is when we informed customers GL will only be available to faithful loyal authorized ZK distributors who’ve invested time & money learning and promoting the ZK  brand all these past years.  GL will limit our authorized distributors′ competition and help preserve their profit margins.  GL was extremely well-received by our customers at the show since it addresses both their business and technology requirements.  GL also demonstrates our commitment and loyalty to long-time ZK customers.

Table 4 showcased our ML10 series of DIY battery-operated door locks.  On display were Bluetooth versions of both our fingerprint & RFID models.  Customers marveled how easy ML10 is to install & operate, while also appreciating the security & convenience of biometric technology.  And with ZKBioBT, users can easily remotely open the ML10 and manage users enrolled in the ML10.

In the corners of our tradeshow booth were our various turnstiles models (flap and swing barriers), gates, and our new license plate recognition (LPR) gate controller.  Our LPR gate controller potentially replaces the need for paying a security guard, replaces the need for expensive long-range RFID readers . . . and potentially replaces the need to reissue expensive fobs & cards to tenants.  Booth visitors whose work focuses on providing security for parking lots of homeowners′ associations and small business parks were extremely impressed with the LPR technology and potential savings derived in security operations costs.

Apart from the tables/stations and entrance control systems in the booth, we reserved a corner of the booth for sales & technical training classes, in which we had a big screen TV mounted on the booth wall and we provided ample comfortable seating for students/visitors.  And of course at the entrance of our tradeshow booth we had our greeting table, where visitors were always greeted by a smiling knowledgeable ZK team member who scanned the visitor′s badge and subsequently directed that visitor to the appropriate table/station and ZK product expert.

Business highlights included:

1. Over 1,000 booth visitors from all over the world including North America, South America, UK, Middle East and APAC region.

2. One of USA′s largest national retailers interested in utilizing ZK turnstiles to control visitor traffic.

3. Several USA national integrators interested upgrading AMAG and Schneider Electric customers with ZKT OP200 fingerprint readers.

4. Several USA national integrators interested installing ZKAccess LPR gate controllers.

5. Scientists from NEC and Intel interested in collaborating with ZK.

6. Several USA national distributors interested adding ZK to their vendor line.

7. Several USA manufacturing representative firms seeking to partner with ZKAccess.

8. A major VMS software company interested integrating ZK biometric readers.

It was a truly fabulous effort by all, starting from the planning stage, on to the execution of the show plan, and then finally on to logistics, to ensure all the tradeshow equipment was safely packed and shipped back to its rightful owners.

Congratulations to the members of ZKAccess, ZK Mexico and ZK China/HQ who participated in ISC West 2016.

Job well done!

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