ZKTeco Shows Support in ALAS Technological Meeting

ALAS (Latin American Association of Security) technological meeting


The meeting attracted experts from different fields of security industry to join. By co-operating and sponsoring the meeting, ZKTeco shows its support to the professional association.

ALAS was founded in 1997 with a clear purpose in mind: educating, setting standards, and elevating the level of professionalism in the Latin American Security Market.  ALAS is furthering the education of electronic security technicians and engineers in Latin America.

Through the demonstration of the successful access control application in different commercial sectors.
like banking, hotel and factory site, ZK offered comprehensive solutions to the topic of security. Needless to say the practical adoption of integrating the security products of Green Label, ZK also featured the all-in-one security platform ZKBioSecurity and the precise SilkID fingerprint reader.

Furthermore, the technological meeting was a catalyst for promoting ZK′s advanced technology. Technical-wise, the meeting was a perfect opportunity for the attendees to learn and to exchange ideas. The meeting has attracted more than 110 professionals to attend as a result. Thanks to the continuous participation of the security events, the brand of ZKTeco has been associated with responsible and trust-worthy partner.


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